National Websites


National Autistic Society - This website is a good starting point for extensive information on ASD.

Scottish Autism Scottish Autism is an independent Scottish charity working for the rights and quality of life of people on the autism spectrum.

Autism Network Scotland - Autism Network Scotland connects and communicates with those interested in the field of autism. They are a signpost for autism professionals and practitioners, people with autism, their families and carers toward examples of good practice, resources and useful information.

Autism Network Scotland has a number of Virtual Networks which are platforms for knowledge exchange and sharing of good practice. There are virtual networks for Social Work, Speech & Language Therapists and Mental Health amongst others. A full list of the networks can be found here.

Managing Money - A website developed by the NAS to help those on the autism spectrum to learn about managing money. It includes video clips, interactive materials and downloadable resources.

Autistic Thistle

This is a very new website for adults on the autism spectrum.

The autistic-thistle is a website, forum and social media for Autistic people by Autistic people.

The aim is to reach out to others in Scotland and beyond, to look for people who are living in a social world with ASD, and to share experiences and knowledge for the common good.

Autism Speaks - Autism Speaks' aim is to raise funds to accelerate biomedical research to determine and understand the causes and biological basis of autism spectrum disorders; and through that understanding to discover and promote new ways of improving the quality of life for all those affected.

Autism Research Centre - the Autism Research Centre based in Cambridge carries out research into the biomedical causes of autism.

Oxford Autism Research - The autism research group at Oxford University was established in 2003 and focuses on the genetic and neurobiological basis of ASD.

IWORK4ME - IWORK4ME is a new charity working in Scotland that offers specialised support to people with significant disadvantages who have difficulty in accessing mainstream self-employment assistance. IWORK4ME believe that for some people with autism self-employment is an important and suitable option.

Welsh Government Awareness Raising Packages -

A range of resources from the Welsh Government which are targeted at practitioners in the statutory and independent sectors, as well as families and those on the autism spectrum.

Skills for Care

The Autism skills and knowledge list has been developed jointly by Skills for Care, Skills for Health and the National Autistic Society to help enhance awareness of autism and improve skills among workers in generic health and social care services.

This work is part of a wider range of on-line training resources funded by the Department of Health in England but the information and guidance is very transferrable to Scotland. Autism has no geographical boundaries!

Wales Autism Research Centre

Wales Autism Research Centre is based at Cardiff University.

Their mission is to

•to create positive change for individuals and families affected with autism by

•advancing scientific research in areas of risk factors, early identification, diagnosis, cognitive development and intervention

  1.    working in partnership with practitioners, charities and the Welsh Assembly Government to integrate scientific evidence with policy and practice

They have produced a document which gives guidance on choosing interventions.


ATLASS was formed by a group of practitioners with many years experience of working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders, their families and agencies who support them.

They have become increasingly aware of the role that stress plays for the individual with autism, their experience of their symptoms and for their family and carers. They have therefore developed a range of services which specifically acknowledges the management of stress and the development of coping skills as an essential part of the therapeutic process.

Scottish Autism have been learning about the ATLASS programme with Michael McCreadie from Studio III and recently travelled to Denmark to visit an organisation who have been using the ATLASS approach for around three years. You can read more about their visit and watch a video of Michael talking about the approach on the Scottish Autism website

Debi Brown

Debi Brown is an Aspie author and speaker. She started a blog to highlight some of the many comedic moments that just seem to happen to her whenever she enters the outside world and engages with other folk.

Debi finds these little incidental moments of humour are the hidden blessings of being on the spectrum, and that they make some of the truly difficult parts of life more bearable. Never let it be said that Aspies don't have a sense of humour!

For lots more info, see

Research Autism

There are so many different therapies and approaches in the world of autism it can be very difficult for parents and professionals to know which ones are effective.

Research Autism is the only UK charity dedicated to research into autism treatments and therapies. They carry out their own high quality, independent research. They also publish information about research carried out by other organisations. They aim to improve the quality of life and outlook for people on the autism spectrum and those around them.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Jessica Kingsley Publishers is a wholly independent company, committed to publishing books that make a difference.

The company was founded in 1987 by Jessica Kingsley and has grown since then to the point where they now publish over 200 books a year, which are available throughout the world.

They publish books for professional and general readers in a range of subjects and are well known for our long established lists on the autism spectrum, on social work, and on the arts therapies.

Their list of autism related books can be found here

Counselling Directory

A website which provides a list of counsellors and psychotherpists who can provide support with various issues such as anxiety.

They have a page dedicated to Asperger’s Syndrome.


National Websites 

A selection of UK based ASD specific websites

Mental Health Autism

Mental Health Autism is a research project which explores the unique challenges people with autism face in relation to mental health problems.

It has a variety of resources and some interesting short videos where people with autism who have experienced mental health issues tell their stories