Disability Issues


Disability Issues

A selection of websites providing information and advice on generic disability issues.

Enable  Information and advice on a variety of disability issues, including legal matters and wills and trusts.

Values into Action Scotland - An organisation which promotes the rights and equality of people with learning difficulties. Their website has a range of useful publications and helpful ideas on how to deal with work issues such as writing job applications and how to deal with work place bullying.

Enquire  Enquire - the national advice and information service for additional support for learning.

Enquire offers independent and impartial advice and information to parents, carers, practitioners, children and young people through their:

•telephone helpline - 0845 123 2303

•online enquiry service

•website - www.enquire.org.uk

Enquire also provide a range of clear and easy to read guides and fact-sheets explaining everything from how to find out if your child needs extra help at school to what should happen when they leave school. 

CALL Scotland - Provides specialist expertise in technology for children who have speech, communication and/or writing difficulties in schools across Scotland.

Contact a family  - A UK charity which provides information and advice for families with disabled children.

Family Fund - The Family Fund helps families with disabled children. Grants can be provided for things that make life easier and more enjoyable for the child and the family e.g. washing machines, computers and holidays.

healthtalkonline This website has videos of interviews with people on the autism spectrum discussing how autism affects their lives. There is also a series of interviews with parents of children with autism.

Scottish Transitions Forum

The Scottish Transitions Forum website offers an information resource and membership platform dedicated to improving the area of life transitions.

They focus on leaving school/college to rest of life planning.

The Scottish Transitions Forum is for cross sector professionals or individuals who may have issues in navigating these difficult times by themselves.

New website !

Help when travelling from Edinburgh Airport

At Edinburgh Airport, they understand that each person is unique and what works for one person may not work for the next. That is why they encourage people to contact them before they travel so they come up with a plan to ensure a smooth journey through the airport.

They will be able to advise you on quieter times to travel and more peaceful areas of the airport where you can relax before your flight. They can also arrange for visits to the airport in advance to allow you to familiarise yourself with the environment and the airport process. If you would like more information about support they can offer,please email additionalneeds@edinburghairport.com

As part of this familiarisation, they have created a number of factsheets which breakdown the journey through the airport into key stages:

•  Arriving and checking-in

•  Security

•  Departing 

For more information visit the Edinburgh Airport website

To read about a young man with autism’s story on overcoming his anxiety in travelling and the support he got from Edinburgh airport, go to the Scottish Autism’s website