Accredited Courses in Autism



Strathclyde University


Postgraduate Certificate in Autism

Postgraduate Diploma in Autism

Masters in Autism

Entry Requirements

Normally a first degree or equivalent, plus relevant experience in autism.

Aberdeen University

Postgraduate Certificate in Autism and Learning

Postgraduate Diploma in Autism and Learning

Masters in Autism and Learning

Applicants will be graduates or will be able to provide evidence that they can work at postgraduate level. They must have previous relevant experience and be able to undertake studies and related developments in their workplace setting or other appropriate agency.

Birmingham University

University Certificate in Autism

Certificate in Higher Education in Autism

As a web-based, distance learning course, the Webautism course allows parents and practitioners the flexibility to learn and enhance their skills online and fit their studies around their daily lives. Candidates shall be required to have normally at least two year’s relevant experience and should be educated to GCSE/O level standard.

People who have an annual income of less than £22,000 or who are on benefits may be entitled to a grant of £200 towards the cost of learning. For more information contact ILA Scotland

Open University

Level One Course

This course provides an accessible introduction to the autistic spectrum, principles and problems of diagnosis, and biological and psychological approaches to explaining underlying causes. Candidates aren’t expected to have any knowledge of autism, but you should be able to read and understand written English of a style and complexity characteristic of a professional magazine or quality newspaper. If you have not studied up to GCSE level fairly recently, you should expect to spend longer on the study materials.