About us


Autism Argyll was formed in August 2000 by a small group of parents to provide support and information to parents, carers and people working with those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) living in Argyll and Bute. Families affected by ASD can feel very isolated and this can be heightened by living in a rural area.

From the initial group of nine parents, the group now has over 200 members throughout Argyll & Bute and beyond.

We are a local organisation involved in national strategies.  

Autism Argyll provides the following:-

  1. *Eclectic unbiased information on ASD and relevant   disability related issues.

* Impartial and confidential telephone support.

* A range of  ASD specific talks and training.

* A specialist library of books and videos.

* Regular newsletters.

Autism Argyll aims to work in partnership with Social Services, Education and Health in order to provide better services for people with ASD and their families.

Autism Argyll aims to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorders within the general population.

Autism Argyll aims to promote education and training in autism for parents and professionals within Argyll and Bute.